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Editor's Letter

I hope you’re reading this in a warm and cosy sanctuary, wherever that might be for you, fighting off the seasonal melancholy which seeps into our lives at this time of year. 

Perhaps you like your winter hibernation? Perhaps you’ve managed to replace your fear of darkness with curiosity about the mysterious unknown? 

As we’ve been heading towards the darker days of the year, we wanted to reflect on all things we associate with the cold winter months: discomfort, alienation, longing, and fear - but also: mystery, dreams, and costume. 

So much of our daily discomfort is triggered by uncertainty (p. 13-14), or shaped by the prejudice of others (p. 61-64). A little bit of self-interrogation or the way we examine the world around us can go a long way to change our ideas about our capital-s Selves, what it means to exist (p. 17-20) and equally, what it would mean to cease to do so (p. 59). 

Welcome to the Perception issue, which includes artwork and writing reflecting on identity, belonging, death and so much more. 

We hope you dive in and find out that while we all feel alienated by the world and even ourselves at times, at least we can find connection in this commonality, even amidst all our fears. 

Annika Loebig 


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