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As avid readers of personal essays to better understand the world and our place in it, we felt like not enough room was dedicated to exploring the less glamorous but arguably more interesting aspects of our shared and vulnerable humanity.


In this age of online surveillance and offline  self-consciousness, there is a sense of always being watched and pressured to perform. Who’s there to offer radical compassion when we or others bear witness to our shortcomings?


Cringe’s mission is to open a space that allows us to intellectually engage with our self-consciousness; replacing shame with empathy, judgement with curiosity and guilt with a desire for positive change.

0ur Team

Annika Loebig

Annika Loebig

Editor In-Chief

Annika is a writer and occasional armchair philosopher with a particular interest in harm reduction, feminism, mental health, fungi and climate justice. She finished her BA in Journalism at London College of Communication UAL in 2022.

Georjia Ashleigh

Georjia Ashleigh

Writer & Social Media Manager

Georjia is a writer, social media analyst, and pop culture encyclopaedia. She left her Publishing Media degree at Oxford Brookes University to work in publishing, specialising in educational content. She has a love/hate relationship with social media and it’s power and demise, along with the decline and rebrand of celebrity culture.

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