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Cringe Debut

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A chat with Courteney Frisby:
the photographer behind
Cringe's first cover


Vibrant colours, distorted lenses, and the capturing of rapid movements are only some of the elements that characterise Courteney Frisby’s photography. A recent graduate from Westminster University, she produces a variety of work predominantly for underground event organisers and artists, never failing to absorb the energy of the subjects through her lens. As a regular photographer for labels like Sticky Plastik, her work often centres people at raves, freezing a moment in time when she meets them in their most liberated state. 


“My vision allows me to capture the atmosphere of the raves I attend. An example is Sticky Plastik, where I capture the essence of a family, a tight knit community who wants to let their hair down from their average 9-5 jobs. We don’t talk about the W word as our life is not our job, our life is how we live from the corporate world.”


“When shooting, I have to think about clean cut photos as that unfortunately is what sells in society and where the money is, which still to this day baffles me - who wants to see the same recycled image over and over again, when in fact the rave scene is about art and expression?”


“So, I take those first and then after I experiment with long exposures with a combination of swirls of colours.

My experimentation helps me find something totally new with my photography and I always want to leave a mark and a legacy with my work.”


When asked about her relationship with the word ‘cringe’, she told us:


“When I think of cringe… I just think of people not being themselves and embodying someone else that is not their identity. We are stuck in a generation today where we are shoved into a box when every person who was born is different from everyone else.”


“I cringe when I say the wrong thing but then I tell myself it’s the only way I am going to learn.”


Check out more of her work over on Instagram and get yourself a print on her Etsy.

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