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Team Members

Bel (Isobel) Monteith


Bel is a writer from Newcastle upon Tyne and a non - graduate of the University of Edinburgh.

<p class="font_8">From Newcastle upon Tyne, Bel is a non - graduate of the University of Edinburgh who since dropping out has committed herself to speed-dating careers and travelling to new places as often as possible. These experiences have always been documented; Bel writes as a form of therapy and self-expression, and she is heavily inspired by her supposed womanhood while still feeling like a girl.</p>

Darcy Servais


Darcy is a freelance creative writer based in Cardiff, Wales and specialises in writing about mental health.

<p class="font_8">Darcy is a freelance creative writer based in Cardiff, Wales. She graduated from university with a Bachelors and Masters degree in English Literature. She specialises in writing about mental health and wrote her masters thesis on female mental illness in 1960s American literature. Darcy uses her own experiences and personal battles to influence and inspire her writing and aims to write a book about her experience with borderline personality disorder as a young woman in her 20s.</p>

Eva Vitkute


Eva Vitkute is a Dublin-based graphic artist and illustrator.

Eva works predominantly with grit, texture and explores the more existential side of life. Her work lives in the intersection of illustration, graphic design and art. She has been featured in various independent publications, created graphics for bands and shown across multiple websites.

Georgia Lay


Georgia Lay is a 22-year-old photographer who studied Film, Photography and Media at the University of Leeds

<p class="font_8">Georgia's work primarily focuses on slow photography and capturing raw moments as they are. Because of this, she favours a film camera and a selection of films to document the parts of her life she wishes to share. She recently moved to London to pursue her creative career.</p>

The Rat Girls


The Rat Girls (Ansi/Anne-Sophie Loretan and
Ginny/Virginia Zaretskie) try to navigate womanhood, humanhood, and rodent-hood through text, delve into topics of gender, sexuality, ambition, desire and societal expectations, all while manoeuvring the daily challenges of ADHD.

<p class="font_8">Presenting: The Rat Girls (Ansi/Anne-Sophie Loretan and</p> <p class="font_8">Ginny/Virginia Zaretskie)</p> <p class="font_8"><br></p> <p class="font_8">Rat Life is a series of spoken word performances that explore different aspects of living as a 20-something and clueless person, trying to find identity and meaning while also making every mistake possible. We are two young women, who find solace in distancing ourselves from human restrictions by metaphorically becoming part rat.</p> <p class="font_8"><br></p> <p class="font_8">We try to navigate womanhood, humanhood, and rodent-hood through text, delve into topics of gender, sexuality, ambition, desire and societal expectations, all while manoeuvring the daily challenges of ADHD. Rat life falls somewhere in between storytelling and physical theatre, and is equally silly and sincere.</p>

Evelyn Muggeridge


Evelyn Muggeridge is a non-binary poet and Media & Communications graduate from the south of England.

<p class="font_8">Evelyn uses poetry to create a sphere to explore ever-changing narratives of their identity. They wish to explore an existence which is equal parts sensual and grotesque; stepping into the skins that we shed behind closed doors.</p>

Vicky Harvey


Vic Harvey is a writer, performer and Drama graduate from Exeter University currently based in the West Midlands.

Vic’s work delves into themes of sexuality, religion, the climate crisis, grief and, very occasionally, the joys of working in hospitality. She is often found eavesdropping into conversations and writing them in her note’s app. She hopes that people can feel reflected in her work (and maybe have a little laugh at themselves too).

Kate Rosewell


Kate Rosewell is a 23-year-old photographer based in London.

Kate's work aims to depict current issues through portrait and fashion photography, but she also enjoys exploring the environment around her. Rosewell has a magnetism towards confident and powerful individuals that she loves to portray within her work. Her imagery must tell a story. Kate Rosewell likes to communicate her subject’s identity through her work, often shining a light on female empowerment. Rosewell hopes to bring a new voice and outlook to the world of fashion photography, combining fashion imagery with ideas of activism.

Arcadia Molinas


Arcadia Molinas is a London-based writer, editor and translator from Spain.

<p class="font_8">Arcadia Molinas is a London-based writer, editor and translator from Spain. <em>Primeros Diarios, </em>her Spanish translation of Virginia Woolf’s early diaries, was published by<em> Funambulista</em>. Her work, which often explores the body, sexuality and interpersonal relationships, has appeared on <em>Worms</em>, <em>Write or Die </em>and <em>Motor Journal</em>. She currently works as the online editor of <em>Worms</em></p>

Mina Cousins


Mina Cousins is a trans femme, amateur poet and postgraduate in History and Politics.

Mina's work explores the darkness, desires, queerness and despair of the world. They reflect on the politics of the personal, and how it shapes people’s past, present and future, and the landscapes we find ourselves in. When she isn't writing poetry in her spare time, Mina is involved in politics, working on communications and graphics, especially on LGBTIQA+ issues.

Daisy Whalley


Daisy Whalley is a recent graduate in History and American Studies, and is based in Manchester.

Daisy's writing delves into themes of identity, gender, sexuality, and culture, all while navigating the existential crisis that comes with being 22. Her party trick is her uncanny Stevie Nicks impression and a flair for conquering the pop culture round at a pub quiz. Though she is new to writing, she hopes to bring a fresh perspective to her self-expression.

Clara Palmberger-Suelze


Clara Palmberger-Suelze and she is a painter and writer.

Clara says the subjects of her work are consumption and consumerism, faces and surfaces. After two years of studying in London, she has recently moved back to her hometown Hamburg.
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