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Christina Nteventzi

Writer & Artist

The concept “Christina” was born in Greece, though the soul inhabiting that figment of self was never born and will never die.

I use words, sound art/music, painting and video work, to express notions deriving from altered states of consciousness and entheogenic experiences. My ontological approach includes multitudes of perspectives that make up fragments of the whole.

Non-duality, paradox, birth and death, illusion, synesthesia, animism, parapsychology, infinity, singularity, change and spirituality are the roots of my practice.

A coping mechanism for me is to approach each painful and hard to swallow aspect of reality as a tough inevitable fragment of holistic nature that is yet one more lesson in the school of life.

Accepting the inevitability of change and ephemerality of all material forms.

Christina Nteventzi
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