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Send first draft or complete submission to with the subject line SUBMISSION

If you'd like creative direction or to discuss your idea with us, please email us with the subject line PITCH 

Written pieces should not exceed 2,500 words, and all work must be original.

We don't feature previously published work, unless it has been specifically modified for Cringe.

All imagery should be at least 300dpi and in CMYK. 


As we're currently self-funded, we're unable to compensate contributors with an appropriate fee. However, every contributor will receive 20% off every issue they purchase. Contributors also receive digital tear sheets which they're able to display online and include in their portfolios. All Cringe contributors also receive a space in our Hall of Fame indefinitely.

is that cringe black.png

Hello, friend. 

Got an embarassing story you need to get off your chest?


Something you're OK being ashamed of?


Maybe you're just a good Samaritan who wants to make the rest of us

feel better about ourselves? 

Get in, loser! We're going to Cringe town! 

Feel free to share your most embarassing, cringe-worthy moments with us here, so we can all laugh at our own, messy humanity when reading about it. It's definitely not therapy, but maybe the memory will plague you a little less after writing about it. 

By completing this form, you automatically consent to Cringe publishing your submission on their print and digital platforms.

All submissions are anonymous, but i you're feeling brave or masochistic and looking for some clout in the cringe market, please add your Instagram handle or other online surveillance platform and we'll include it in your submission. 

By completing this form, you automatically consent to Cringe publishing your submission on our print and digital platforms. 

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Stay Cringe, Be Humble.

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